Plastic Injection Molds

Plastic Injection Molds

If you demand long-life plastic injection molds, it is insufficient if you only requires good mould from mold supplier; the life of the mold have great relationship with normal operation and maintenance, so a mature molding company usually have plastic mold engineer, who will responsible for mould repairing and maintenance; of course, plastic molds disassembly is a basic work in mold maintenance.

Do you know how to disassemble plastic molds? And what you should pay attention in moulds disassembly? When you disassemble theplastic moulds, you need to pay attention to following matters.

It is necessary to print the mould assembly drawings, clear up each of the parts in the plastic molds and the principle of operation as well as the assembly relationships.

According to the parts list on the assembly drawing, preparing the necessary disassembly tools.

Analysis the plastic injection moulds, learn the injection type, such as normal hot runner, valve gate or cold runner, and check the parting line and ejector system. Make a disassembly order list before do it.

When you disassemble the plastic mold, placing the mould on rubber mat or low hardness plane workbench. Parting surface to be parallel with the table; that means guide pin should perpendicular to the workbench. It can protect the mould parts, such as ejector pin, if the mould is not in correct direction, small pin will be easy to be bend.

Usually, you need to separated the cavity and core, and disassemble plastic injection moulds from back side, it means start disassembling from the ejection and injection systems.

If you don’t know about the mould well, you need to mark all the removed parts, and put in sequential, it will be convenient for installation and it can avoid mistake when you assembling the mould.

Tools to be used correctly make the force balance when you rotating or beating, don’t forcibly disassemble the undetectable parts.

If the tool needs to reach to cavity or core surface, be sure to use less hardness tool than the core cavity, usually, we suggest copper.

If you don’t have any mould engineer in your company, it is not rational to do plastic molds disassembly without any technical support. We suggest you send injection molding molds to local mould workshop, or do the plastic molds disassembly under guidance of mould manufacture.

ceramic hair dryer

Ceramic Hair dryer

Ceramic Hair dryer have now become a fundamental part of our daily lives. To put it simply, hair dryers, conversely called blow dryers, are inseparable for individuals with busy schedule. Previous hair dryers were generally only made use of to blow dry your hair. But hairdryers currently available are innovative and are utilized for trying several imaginative hair styles. Even further, many of the modern hairdryers are designed utilizing newest modern technologies that not only give further shine to your hair but also help you to derive healthy hair styling benefit. Perhaps most favored among the materials used for the make of blow dryer is ceramic. Actually, ceramic hairdryers are a much favored option among many top hair stylists. Talked about even further within this short article are several of the prime advantages of utilization a ceramic hairdryer.

One of the prime real benefits of using ceramic blow hair dryer is that it helps for even circulation of heat across the hair and that too without becoming very hot. However, what that makes it actually very special is its ability to emit negative ions and far infrared rays– a kind of natural source of energy that help to lock in hair’s natural color and moisture and help to shield your hair against the exposure to your hair. The final result is that it markets for a healthy along with frizz-free hair styling. Other substantial features connected with the use of ceramic hairdryers are enhanced thermal efficiency, smoothing of hair cuticles, drying hair from the inside out, and lessened drying time. Most importantly, a terrific detail concerning ceramic hairdryers is that perhaps used on all kinds of hair, from rebelliously thick and curly to fine and sensitive hair.

However, a ceramic blow hair dryer may possibly offer you top benefits only if it of premium quality. For this reason, it is suggested to buy top end hair blow dryers manufactured by such top brands as Olayer powerful hair speed hair dryer. For top outcomes, it would certainly be better if you opt for a ceramic hair dryer infused with the residential properties of tourmaline modern technology, whose combination leads to increased exhaust of negative ions and far infrared rays. lightweight hair dryer, powerful hair blow dryer with diffuser made by Olayer China wholesale hair dryer company are few to mention among most of the much popular blow dryers now readily available in the market.

Aside from ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic properties, most of such blow dryers are included with a continuum of remarkable features including multiple speed as well as heat settings, highly effective air flow, long life AC motor, snap on nozzle, 1875 watts of power, and voltage AC 110V 60Hz for its usage in USA and Canada

Olayer is Chinese Ceramic powerful hair dryer supplier wholesaler, in the beginning Olayer make electric items, export injection molds, at middle of 2020, Olayer invested in a wholesale hair styling tools maker, who has been manufacturing strong high speed hair dryer, cold air curling tongs & other hairdressing iron over 15 years,

Nowadays, Olayer wholesale ceramic ionic hair dryer company concentrates on generating numerous of hair styling tools items, consisting of the most powerful hair blow dryer, ceramic ionic lightweight powerful hair dryer, infrared high speed hair dryer, wall mounted hair dryer, small size of travel hair dryer, 6 in 1 curling iron, Ceramic ion hair straightener, wet & dry straightener brush, professional & automatic ionic cold air curling irons, cool air straightening irons, etc.

Olayer Wholesale ceramic ionic hair dryer organization supplies OEM/ODM hair-dressing devices manufacturing solution, Olayer accepts to sign and NDA document to shield your project, Custom logo & private label is offered to Olayer hair beauty irons,

Olayer Chinese private label flat iron manufacturer producer that will provide you all in one stop service from idea, prototyping, examining, re-prototyping, mould producing, moulding manufacturing, certificate, installation, inspection, packing and shipping, if you are searching for a Chinese hair dryer producer and electric items contract provider in China, you are welcome to contact Olayer

Mini Ceramic Flat Iron hair straightener

Mini Ceramic Flat Iron

The reason that this mini ceramic flat iron is incredibly popular among consumers, I think, is that it is smaller sized and sleeker enough to handle the flat iron while styling hair. This mini flat irons has all the benefits of our regular hair straighteners, like auto shut-off, same temperature degree, ceramic plates, etc. It means that they have the same functions as normal size flat iron but handle the product better. Its disadvantage, of course, is that not be perfect for people with extremely long and thick hair.

Mini 1/2″ Flat Iron hair straightener

Consider this: The hair roots are close to the scalp, and the lack of fleecy shape makes your hair appear like sporadic. Or get up in the morning and realise that the docile short hair and bangs have already been flyaway, and the random curls make you look very sloppy. When you need to use a flat iron to smooth frizz or curly roots imminently, and you find the flat iron plate is too wide to operate short hair.

Mini size 1/2″ flat iron from Olayer flat iron company is wonderful option for addressing these uncomfortable issues. It is undoubtedly a good styling tools for short hair, bangs, or to fix flyaways in a pinch.

Adjustable temperature setting

A simple temperature control knob allows for accurate temperature control that is correct for your hair. The adjustable temperature setting of 210 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, it is suitable for mostly all types of hair, giving more choices of hair style.

Take a tip, don’t use a high-temperature flat iron on your hair for a long time in pursuit of efficiency anymore. The temperature should deal with your hair type. Thin, damaged hair should not be styled with a high temperature, which may give rise to heat damage making your hair health condition worse. And coarse, thick or curly hair demands higher temperatures to get a lasting set effect.

The mini ceramic cold air flat irons made by Olayer China hair straightener company with ceramic coated heaters, which add to spread heat evenly throughout the aluminum alloy heating plates. This avoids overheating spots are being created during the styling process to damage the keratin in your hair. Alternatively, you will no more fret about hair being torn off while styling. Ceramic material helps the hair glides through heating plate without pulling and tugging, decreasing breakage and damage to the hair.

This has dual voltage could be used worldwide. When traveling in different countries, you no longer need to worry about voltage, which will be automatically adjusted to the voltage wherever you plug in.

This Mini Ceramic Flat Iron from Olayer Chinese hair straightener manufacturer is easy to carry, suitable for every one travel enthusiast. This particular straightener is 6-inches long (the size of an adult’s hand), absolutely a travel size. It must be a wise solution if you want to save more space in your bag.

China hair straightener

Olayer China Hair Straightener

Olayer hair straightener features

Product summary

  • Straighten or style in just 15 seconds with ultra fast heat up
  • 1″ super shine titanium-ceramic plates for a smooth sleek finish
  • Heats up to 230°C and has 3 heating settings- 180°C, 200°C and 230°C
  • The latest titanium/ceramic plates and ionic technology for an ultra smooth finish
  • Features a 3-metre swivel cord for less cord-tangles and better mobility.
  • Comes with a travel pouch 
  • High-gloss metallic finish
  • Auto shut off for extra safety
  • 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Product Description

The olayer China hair straightener gives a salon-styled look in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  This hair-straightener has many of the features of professional hair straighteners including ultra-fast 15 second start up, 230.C heat with variable settings and the latest technology super-shine titanium/ceramic plates.

This hair straightener  produces a stream of negative ions which act to neutralise the static charge, smoothing the scales on your hair cuticles for a shiny, smooth and manageable hair finish. Whilst in use you will hear a quiet buzzing as the ionic port distributes the ions to the hair.

This Olayer hair straightener has a curved design which makes it easier to create waves and curls as well as straighten. The 25 per cent longer  titanium-ceramic plates can handle larger sections of hair at one time for faster results.

Any manufacturer that gives a five year guarantee must be confident of the product. straightener from olayer china hair straightener company is great, see below review

below is review about the hair straightener from olayer hair straightener company

“This product is fantastic i have had 3 pairs of GHD and 2 pairs of FHI straighteners which are really expensive and most salons use them. This product is a lot less money and does a much better job on your hair. Fast delivery!! the product was well wrapped on arrival straighteners were excellent quality and they even came with a mat and carry care which none of my other pairs did. i cannot stress enough how much of an amazing product this is! great buy!!”


“I have been a GHD fan for some years; before I discovered GHD no straighteners had ever straightened my hair to a decent standard. The downside with GHD is the cost, they are not cheap and with the rising cost of living I couldn’t bring myself to fork out another £100 or so to buy a new pair. I did extensive research and these straighteners seemed to get good reviews plus they had all the technology i was looking for i.e ionic. But I confess even after I purchased them I was sceptical that they would be any good, but I figured £40 is better than £100.I have now been using these straighteners for about a month and I LOVE THEM!! Not only do they straighten my hair properly the ionic capability has reduced frizz and my hair looks smoother and shinier. I cannot say enough good things about these straighteners they are amazing and I will buy a 2nd pair in the event of my pair breaking in the future.”

If you are looking for hair curler to sell with your hair straightener together, you could go to Olayer hair curler company to get all of the ahir styling tools with wholesale factory price.

plastic food storage containers

If you’re buying a massive plastic products ( for example plastic food storage containers) that is going to be used for the exact same item, label the box with a permanent marker. With such a wide variety of types, materials & sizes available you’ll have the ability to obtain what you require for your own kitchens needs fairly easily. Many industrial kitchens utilize food storage containers to prep food too. It’s possible for you to leave the refrigerator in a few days.

custom plastic food storage containers
custom plastic food storage containers

When it has to do with taking food from the house our lunch boxes are perfect. When it’s food and you should contain it then we’ve got the ideal solution! Pond food should not be left in waist temperature for over 1 hour because it is going to increase rapid bacteria. In which a large variety of foodstuffs are contained and preserved through the usage of low temperatures.

Plastic Food storage containers are among the must-haves for your kitchen. You’ll also wish to check and ensure that the food storage containers are microwave-safe. If you haven’t had good superior food storage containers in your kitchen before, you will truly delight in the simplicity and convenience they provide and are going to want to acquire more.

Each set will fulfill a large number of food storage and preparation requirements. No 2 boxes are the identical color because these boxes are created utilizing the cut-off plastic from the creation of their original transparent tubs. Just pop a little present in a huge box and find out how perplexed someone receiving the present becomes when they can’t find it! Therefore, you’re likely to want an efficient means to label the storage boxes so the labels don’t come off easily but can be readily changed when desired. Plastic food storage box and containers are an excellent method to organize your dwelling.

Labeling your custom plastic food storage containers can be done in a variety of ways. Some plastic containers have a built-in label slot. There are several plastic containers like Tupperware and locks that are recognized throughout the developed nations.

plastic food storage containers
plastic food storage containers

If you wish to reuse your plastic containers, start looking for the recycling number on the base of the container. Labeling your plastic containers with sticky labels is a significant means to swiftly find a product. They are made in specially made containers. The plastic food storage box is also utilized in today’s era. When it has to do with deciding on the appropriate food storage containers for your kitchen, it is going to allow you to know more about the types, materials & sizes that you can select from.

There are various colors, materials & manners of Plastic food storage containers in the marketplace in all types of shapes too. The sizes you will need will be decided by what you are going to be using them for. There’s a big selection of sizes offered in food storage containers. There are several different sizes of food storage containers available on the market so that you own a variety to select from. Now you’ve chosen the form or shapes you wish to get, let’s look at sizes which are typically offered. There’s a sizable selection of shapes, sizes, and kinds of food storage containers available on the market to pick from. This kind of plastic is largely utilized in grocery, garbage and dry cleaning bags in addition to plastic wrap.

Hot Runner Systems in Injection Molding

The use of hot runner systems in the injection molding is rising due to the fact that they provide a more perfect technique of molding plastic parts. The cost saving can be substantial, and part standard is very often much excellent than cold runner.

With the rising sophistication of today’s plastic injection molds, the use of warm runners is becoming an industry standard. Many application just are not possible with old standard sprue and chill runner system, and warm runners provide a best way to maintain uniform wall thickness and get rid of knit lines and flow lines.

What are the benefits of warm runner systems?

  • Capability to decrease gate vestige
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Lower cycle times
  • Elimination or reduction of knit lines
  • Less waste
  • Best for high cavitation molding
  • Generally the only technique for micro-molding. The center to center distance of the warm runner tips is as little as 17mm.
  • Many big molds rely exclusively on warm runners. Cold runners cannot meet the demands.

What about the maintenance of warm runners?

Warm runners systems need a new level of skill on the part of the mold maker. Anyway, this does not mean that it is overly hard or highly specialized. A well designed system is relatively free from maintenance, once it is rightly installed.

mold maker
mold maker

It can, and does happen, that mold makers become upset with these systems and swear that they are too much issue. This is generally due to the fact that the system is not rightly installed or badly operated in the molding process.

The leading system producers have a well-trained team of experts on hand to help in the right installation and operation of the system. The time spent listening to these experts is time well spent!

Long term advantages

Even though there is a primary investment with hot runner systems. It is simple to justify the long-term advantages. Without rising the complexity of the design of the mold, a hot runner equipped mold can significantly decrease costs. Because the hot runner is designed and produced independently, yet concurrently, the lead times are not affected.

Mold maker should forever advise techniques for his customers to decrease molding costs and rise the output of the mold. Being knowledgeable with different runner system is a best way to demonstrate an active role in supporting the molders bottom line. This in turn makes the likelihood of increased business even bigger for the mold maker.

OEM Manufacturing solution

We help OEM Manufacturing solution to tough manufacturing problems.

Andy tooling magazine publishes articles of interest to outsourcing decision-makers, who are the customers and potential customers of North American job shops. Readers of the publication include plastic molding manufacturing engineers, mold manufacturing managers, and purchasing managers employed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and makers of finished products. They are interested in finding job shops—or contract manufacturers—that can provide solutions to tough manufacturing problems.

By publicizing the accomplishments and manufacturing capabilities of North America’s finest job shops, Job Shop Technology makes it easy for OEMs and product manufacturers to find the sources they need to build higher-quality products. As the demand for outsourced manufacturing services has intensified, Job Shop Technology magazine and the annual Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide have become valuable resources for more than 100,000 readers per quarter.

A regional magazine, JST is circulated to one region per month and three regions—West, East, and Midwest—per quarter. Its circulation base was established primarily from the attendance of active outsourcers at the highly successful regional tradeshows operated by the magazine’s affiliate, Job Shop Shows.

Readers of Job Shop Technology are actively involved in procurement of virtually any part or service required to bring a product to market. They are particularly interested in finding companies that can provide a specialty or Plastic Molding Parts Manufacturing with respect to the forming, shaping, fabricating, or finishing of a manufactured part. These speciality parts, which are essential to the production of a finished product, consist of materials such as metals, plastics products, composites, and rubber molding parts

Job shops are also known as manufacturing service providers, contract manufacturers, outsource manufacturers, or manufacturers of specialty and custom parts, as opposed to finished products or equipment. Their services can help OEMs efficiently manufacture higher-quality products, often at less cost, and bring their products to market more quickly.

Common job shop operations include metal and Injection Molded Plastic Parts, extrusion, die casting, investment casting, forging, and stamping; the various machining methods, such as CNC, laser, and electrical discharge machining (EDM); and fabrication processes such as welding and fastening. They also include value-added finishing operations such as plating, coating, and anodizing.

Plastic Mold and Injection Molding Parts

HYX MOLD has a long history of service to the PLASTIC MOLD AND INJECTION MOLDING PARTS of experience.  Our materials scientists work closely with our customers to develop highly specialized materials unique to the field.

HYX MOLD designs develops, manufactures and assembles implants and instruments for the cardiac rhythm management (CRM), interventional, radiology/cardiology, cardiac surgery and peripheral vascular markets. These products are high precision, high reliability and are typically produced from plastic materials, electronic components and specialized metals, including nitinol, high strength cobalt chrome, and precious metals. We provide our customers with specialized services to help them develop a product from concept through to manufacturing and commercialization. Our services include prototyping, precision machining, material development, coiling and grinding, laser welding, plastic molded parts, tube drawing and extrusion, device assembly and packaging and sterilization management.

HYX MOLD cardiology products and services include:

Markets Served        Components and Services
Interventional Cardiology
Atherectomy devices
Guidewires, delivery systems Septal defect repair, and other occlusion devices Distal protection devices
Stent tubing, stents, mandrels Ground guidewires, tubular drive components Marker bands, catheter shafts, tooling mandrels, corewires, guidewire assemblies
Cardiac Rhythm Management
Implantable defibrillators
Implantable electrodes, connector blocks, lugs Electrodes & leads Material development, and cladding Stylets
Cardiac Surgery
Heart immobilization devices
Heart valves
Machined tubing Machined valve bodies and leaflets
Interventional Neurology/ Neuro Stimulation
Implantable coils
Catheters/delivery systems Distal protection devices
Wire coiling Guidewires Marker bands, catheter shafts, tooling mandrels, corewires, guidewire assemblies Conductor leads and subassemblies
Peripheral Vascular
Delivery systems Catheters/delivery systems Distal protection devices
Stents, stent tubing, guidewires, hypotubing Marker bands, catheter shafts, tooling mandrels, corewires, guidewire assemblies

Injection molders

Lubricant Pellets Cut Scrap & Cycle Times 
    Internal lubricants for a variety of thermoplastics are newly available in a 100%-active pellet form from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Woodside, N.Y. MoldWiz pellets come in several resin-specific formulations that contain no binders or fillers. Use levels are as low as 0.25%. 
   Precision Plastic Injection molders can tumble or dry blend these pellets with resin or feed them directly at the throat-an advantage over messy powders. For compounders, they are said to be useful in masterbatches because they improve dispersion of color, fillers, and other additives. MoldWiz internal lubricants reportedly improve resin flow at lower temperatures, helping to shorten cycles and reduce flow marks and knit lines on molded parts. The lubricants also do not leave any residue on molded parts, eliminating the need for cleaning before plating or other secondary processes, Axel says.

More Long-Fiber Pellets For EMI Shielding 
    The Incoshield family of long-fiber nickel concentrates for EMI/RFI shielding has been expanded to include three new masterbatches of ABS, nylon 6, and PBT. Previous grades are based on nylon 12, PC, PEI, PPS, and acrylic. Supplied by Inco SPP, Wyckoff, N.J., Incoshield concentrates contain 60% by weight nickel-coated long carbon fibers. These concentrates are dry blended with resin before being injection molded into housings for computers, electronics, and communications equipment.

FR Agent Doesn’t Get Steamed at a Little Heat 
    A new synthetic, halogen-free flame retardant gives up its water of hydration endothermically at higher temperatures than familiar alumina trihydrate. Basic Aluminum Oxalate (BAO) from Alcoa Industrial Chemicals, Bauxite, Ark., extends the processing range of aluminum-based flame retardants up to 625 F, versus around 392 F for ATH and 540 F for magnesium hydroxide. Price is about $1/lbÑmuch higher than for ATH and competitive with Mg(OH)2. 
    Like ATH, BAO has a white color, high brightness, and low toxicity. But the low soda content of BAO means less impact on electrical properties of wire and cable, Alcoa claims. BAO reportedly can provide UL 94V-0 ratings to a wide range of resins at loadings of 40-63%. Its specific gravity is 2.2. Available mean particle sizes are 0.3 to 2.7 microns.

Two shot Injection Molding

New Name in Two-Component Presses
    The first two-color injection molding machines from Toshiba Machine Co. America, Elk Grove Village, Ill., were introduced last month at the Western Plastics Exposition in Long Beach, Calif. The ISGN-2C machines range from 86 to 243 tons and support a variety of two-component processes. Currently, the machines are available only in an L-shape configuration with the secondary injector at a 90 degrees angle to the clamp. All models have wide platens except the ISGN90-2C. Closed-loop control is standard on all sizes.

Retrofit Your Press To Shoot Tiny Parts 
    The latest advance in molding parts weighing less than 1 gram is the retrofittable Nanomelt injection unit from Battenfeld of America, West Warwick, R.I. An enhancement of the company’s Micromelt injector, the Nanomelt is a two-stage unit with a 14-mm screw of a new design that drastically reduces the amount of material inventory in the barrel. The screw is mounted in line with the injection “piston,” to which the screw is directly attached. Once the material has been plasticated, it passes through the hollow centre of the tube-like piston into a small injection chamber. A ball valve at the end of the piston prevents any backflow during the injection. The shot capacity is 1.1 cc or 1 g of PS. 
    The Nano met, along with related software and enhanced-resolution linear position sensors, can be retrofitted on a standard molding machine. “It’s an economical way to get into micro-moulding,” says product manager David Tremblay.

Two-Stage Presses Arrive from Japan 
    At last month’s Western Plastics Exposition in Long Beach, Calif., Sodick Inc. of Torrance, Calif., introduced a new line of Japanese-built two-stage-injection molding machines with hydraulic clamps. These “V-Line” presses, whose angled screws feed melt into a plunger mechanism, span a range of 20 to 286 tons.

Molding Software Kit Now Has Flow Analysis 
    The Molder’s Technician software collection from Spirex Corp., Youngstown, Ohio, now includes flow simulation among its computation, reference, and decision-support tools for molders. “Spirex Mold Fill” simulates cavity flow–as opposed to spiral-flow–to predict injection times, pressures, temperatures, and shear rates. Introduced at K’98, the enhanced software has an introductory price tag of $1000.

Get Cavity-Pressure Sensors from New Source 
    Cavity-pressure transducers were recently added to the line of mold components from Hasco-Internorm Corp. West, Chatsworth, Calif. Available in a variety of sizes, these piezoelectric transducers come in standard or high-heat versions. Hasco has also developed its own cavity-pressure monitoring software for PCs.

Hot-Runner Controller Now Has Autotuning 
    The popular 9500 Series hot-runner temperature controllers from Gammaflux L.P. of Sterling, Va., have a new software enhancement that automatically checks and optimizes the PID tuning for each zone. It is intended to recognize and solve a variety of tuning problems, such as a nozzle or tip that reaches its setpoint too slowly. 
    Called TuneRite, the autotuning feature has been rolled into the company’s Mold Doctor fault-analysis program.

Hot-Runner Manifold Fits in Your Hand 
    A tiny new line of hot-runner systems has been developed by Polyshot Corp. of Henrietta, N.Y. Called the Bank System, these palm-sized manifolds (roughly 6 in. long) come in either two- or four-probe configurations with tip center spacings as small as 1 in. The Bank System’s in-line manifolds are naturally balanced, and the system has only a single zone of control. 
    The new system is about one-third as high and half as long as Polyshot’s previous in-line manifolds, which have multiple zones and are intended for applications needing tip control.

Program Sprue Pickers Faster Than Ever 
    HOP Series sprue pickers from Yushin America Inc., Cranston, R.I., feature a new hand-held controller with enhanced memory and plain-English error messages. To speed robot tooling changes, the controller has memory for 15 mold set-ups, and users can choose from dozens of pre-programmed robot motions and gripping methods. Also featured are simplified digital timers, cycle and reject counters, and a “step mode” to verify robot programs.

Upgraded Vision System Comes in Simple Version 
    New Windows NT software for mold protection and parts inspection is available from Avalon Imaging of Boulder, Colo. PlantVision Pro software works in conjunction with Avalon’s PC-based vision system, VisionScope Pro. Compared with earlier DOS versions of the software, the Windows NT version allows easier networking and enables users to engage in multiple tasks–for example, checking a troubleshooting log while running mold protection at the same time. 
    The operating system change also allows new software features. One of them, ProcessRx, archives and plays back images of the mold face before and after ejection, giving users a historical view of process upsets. 
    Avalon also introduced a new basic PC vision system for Windows NT. PlantVision Basic software and VisionScope Basic hardware are intended for less complex molds. They lack some of the functionality of the Pro products but can be scaled up to the “Pro” level later on.

Automate Toggle Tonnage & Shut-Height Control 
  Automatic shut-height and tonnage control is a new option for the HT Series of toggle presses from Van Dorn Demag Corp., Strongsville, Ohio. Available on the company’s Pathfinder 3000 and 5000 controllers, the option employs two types of transducers on the link housing: A strain gauge on the back of the housing measures deflection during clamp lock-up. From these measurements, the controller can monitor or control clamp tonnage in a closed loop. A linear transducer on the link housing indicates mold thickness and shows the clamp position needed to achieve a given tonnage at lock-up. Want to know more information about two shot mold & double injection molding, please go to

Plastics Technology

Structural Foam Goes All-Electric

What may be the first all-electric structural- foam molding machine was recently built by Milacron’s Elektron Technologies unit in Batavia, Ohio, in cooperation with structural-foam specialist Uniloy Milacron in Manchester, Mich. This development occurred because a major foam molder wanted a large all-electric machine for the sake of energy savings, oil-free operation, and noise reduction. Uniloy’s Springfield Div. always uses two-stage injection for its structural-foam machines, so Milacron adapted its Sidewinder two-stage electric injection unit to this process. This being the first foam application of a two-stage electric machine, Milacron says, Uniloy developed a new screw design, a barrel-cooling system, and gas- injection metering hardware for the Sidewinder. 

The result was a 550-ton Powerline machine that reportedly provides highly consistent foam melt with both gas injection and chemical blowing agents, as well as a wide range of shot sizes. The separate shooting pot allows use of any shot size from 100% down to 3% of machine capacity. The machine molded an electrical housing (see photo) of GE’s Noryl PPO/PS alloy with nitrogen gas. The part weighs 83 oz and has a 15% weight reduction with a typical foam/skin structure. The Sidewinder unit can be converted to standard high- pressure injection molding with a simple screw change. 

Cooling Screw Cranks Up Foam Output

A new screw design for foam extrusion is believed to be the first to use cross-flight melt channels to increase cooling and foam output. The channels perforating the curved flights scoop hot polymer off the screw root and brings it into contact with the cooled barrel. In the single-screw cooling extruder of a tandem foam line, it reportedly increases output by 25-40%. Developed and patented by Plastic Engineering Associates Inc., Boca Raton, Fla., The Turbo-Cool screw was publicly discussed for the first time at the SPE ANTEC meeting in Dallas in May, though it is already used commercially by several large producers of PS-foam sheet for clamshells and board for construction. 

Integrated Stretch-Blow Machine Is All-Electric

The upcoming K 2001 show in Dusseldorf, Germany, will see the debut of the first all-electric integrated PET injection stretch-blow molder from Automa of Italy (represented here by Automa Machine & Tool Inc., Maple Grove, Minn.). The servo-driven NSB100 system is designed to run at three times the production rate of conventional ISBM machines. For example, it reportedly can mold 16-oz bottles at 5000/hr. NSB100 will have a 5:1 ratio of injection to blowing cavities (up to 20 and four, respectively). 

Automotive TPO Goes Antistatic

Two versions of Sequel 1514, a new mar-resistant TPO from Solvay Engineered Polymers, Auburn Hills, Mich., are being used in the tailgate liner and protective moldings atop the tailgate and side rails surrounding the cargo box on the Ford Explorer Sport Trac vehicle. The liner compound is the first static-dissipative TPO to be used in an automotive role. The parts are molded by Ventra Plastics in Russellville, Ky. 

Although Ford initially specified ionomer for the moldings, Ventra foresaw processing advantages in TPOs that could cut costs. Tests by Ford and Ventra confirmed that durability of Sequel 1514 matched that of ionomer, but the TPO’s improved flow permitted downgauging from 3.5 to 3 mm, and the ionomer required longer cycles to prevent sticking in the plastic mold.

Colorants for Packaging Offer Light Protection

A new line of color concentrates for packaging of light-sensitive retort products has been developed by Ferro Corp.’s Plastics Colorants Div., Stryker, Ohio. The new Light Blocker Concentrates are said to be heat stable and to meet FDA standards for direct food contact at retort temperatures. Five light pastel shades are said to provide both uv and visible-light protection for nutrients in milk-based products. 

These concentrates are intended for use in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP injection molding, and PS bottles, injection molded containers, and thermoformed sheet. Letdown ratios are 10:1 to 50:1, depending on layer thickness and shelf life. These customizeable concentrates reportedly offer cost- saving opportunities. For example, they can permit downgauging an outer white layer over the light barrier, using a monolayer structure, or eliminating foil.

Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting

Our speciality is large aluminum die casting in 535.0 (Almag 35). This alloy requires no heat treating and has good tensile properties and high ductility, outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent dimensional stability. It machines much easier than the more common silicon-containing aluminium alloys, producing an excellent surface finish and requires no intermediate stress relieving as it does not distort during machining.

We also produce large and small castings in A356.0 and 356.0 alloys which are usually heat treated to a T5 or T6 condition. These alloys offer excellent tensile properties and good castability.

Zinc die casting we produce range from 20 to 16,000 pounds and are used primarily for trim and forming dies.

Along with our move to new facilities, we have added the capability of producing castings in copper base alloys.

With many years of casting experience, we can assist you in designing economical castings to meet your needs.

Many of our customers and potential customers have been requesting completely machined, anodized, painted and sometimes assembled components rather than only raw castings. Because meeting our customers’ needs is our number one priority, we have decided to expand our services to include these value-added operations.

In order to accomplish this we have established relationships with several local companies who are capable of providing these additional services. Our customers can now place a single order for components that are ready for final assembly at their facility. We take care of scheduling and coordinating all operations as well as assuring compliance with all order requirements.

We are die casting china company that We have supplied:

Completely machined, anodized and painted components to the US Navy; 

Partially machined mill fixture castings to Boeing; 

Completely machined, anodized, inserts installed, pressure tested and painted components to Twin Commander Aircraft Corporation; 

Painted and sanded logo castings to Cincinnati, Inc.

Let us know what you need.

Below you will find listed the typical alloys and casting sizes we can produce as well as pictures of castings we’ve made.

Our Facilities

  • Plant Site: .75 acres
  • Offices: 850 sq. ft.
  • Main Foundry: Molding and Pouring – 3750 sq. ft.
  • Finishing: Casting Cleaning and Shipping – 480 sq. ft.
  • Pattern Shop and Inspection: 300 sq. ft.
  • Indoor Storage Areas for Tooling and Other Equipment: 1350 sq. ft.
Processes available on site:
CAD: 2D and 3D systems capable of accepting files in IGES (.igs), AutoCAD 2000 (.dwg or .dxf) and Parasolid (.x_t) formats via email, floppy and Zip disks.
Melting: Four gas and two electric furnaces.  
Total melting capacity: 4,500 pounds in aluminum die casting parts and copper and 16,000 pounds in zinc die casting.
Coremaking: Shell, urethane and sodium silicate binders.
Molding: Green sand squeezer molding for up to 20″ by 24″ molds.   
Green sand floor molding in tight steel flasks up to 14′ long. 
Finishing: Band and circular saws.  
Belt and disc sanders.  
Hand grinding power tools.  
Grit blasting.
Inspection: 4′ by 8′ granite surface table and typical inspection tools.
Pattern Shop: Equipped to construct wood and plastic patterns.
Quality System: Meets both MIL-Q-9858 and MIL-I-45208.

Processes available locally off site:
Radiographic Inspection
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
Chemical Certification
Mechanical Property Certification
CMM Inspection
Heat Treating

Custom Plastic Mold

Custom Plastic Mold

If you want to get a good custom plastic mold, many inexperienced customers normally like to find some professional mould manufacturers. But even if you find a good mould maker, you can’t express your needs well or you can’t have a good communication with the company, that’s also can cause bad results. So custom mould is also need some skills.

How to custom mold successfully? What’s problems will appear when custom mould? In custom mold process, which content must be discussed clearly?

We will offer you a chair mould case to explain how to custom a good chair molds successfully, and what’s problems we can avoid on custom mold project.


If you want to custom a good custom plastic mold, firstly, we need to know the product clearly. Such like whether the mould design is reasonable, whether the product on market can bring the profits, etc. How to save cost on the same product, for example, we can make the mould size smaller, use a smaller machine to manufacturing or the mould can use hot runner system to reduce the material cost and shorten the cycle time, etc. For plastic chair, the most important except the style, we also need to consider the chair strength, stacking condition, flash and the design is reasonable or not.


Mould design

Mold design rationality, will bring us great return benefit. Many times, we are wasting money on the mould because of the lack experience.


The below information is the key point that we need to treat very seriously:

  1. Mould structure the simple the better

Because, for the simple plastic mold, there will be less rub during the mould operation, then the mould life will be longer. When take chair mold as an example, some customers think the more interchangeable back inserts the better, and it will be excellent if all the chair back inserts and sit inserts can be interchangeable. However, that will make mould testing very complicated, and you will have a lot of trouble in your future mass production.


  1. High requirements for cooling system

High quality cooling system design can help you a lot on shorten the cycle time that obviously brings directly benefit and effective to the customer. Simpler and better than you hire a wise operating engineer.


  1. The injection gate chooses!

Sometimes it will cause many problems from ignoring the injection forming on design, it is not good if only considered about the surface while not the mould. As we know if the mould with hot runner system, it without the waste material and improve the injection cycle time, but in order to reduce the cost that we will use the recycle material, while it with much impurity is not good for the hot runner. For chair mould, if adopt the famous brand such as YUDO, it’s a waste of the cost. If adopt the common hot runner system, they may not solve the problem, so even if they used the filter, also can not ensure the quality is 100%. In this way, we can choose the cold runner system, if design well for the injection gate location, it is easy to break off the tail and not leave the marks.


Machine selection

To custom mold is not only related to plastic injection molds, actually injection molding machine selection is also a key point of a customized mould.

If you have enough budgets, please consider to choose a greater tonnage machine. A great tonnage machine will have stronger clamping force, it is very easy to solve the flash problem. If you are not able to choose a big machine, definitely you may face a lot of problem during long term manufacturing.

In order to avoid such problems happen, customer have to provide the mould making company detailed machine parameters.

This is our decades experience for clients’ customize mould, if you have more experience and better suggestion please contact us for exchange ideas and mutual-improvement. DONGGUAN SINCERE TECH Co., Ltd one of the molding company and a professional custom plastic mold company. contact us to get your custom plastic molds and plastic molding parts.