Plastic Injection Molds

Plastic Injection Molds

Plastic Injection Molds If you demand long-life plastic injection molds, it is insufficient if you only requires good mould from mold supplier; the life of the mold have great relationship with normal operation and maintenance, so a mature molding company usually have plastic mold engineer, who will responsible for mould repairing and maintenance; of course,Read more ⟶

Injection Molding Inserts

Injection Molding Inserts: Enhancing Precision and Functionality in Manufacturing Injection molding inserts play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry, revolutionizing the way components are produced. These inserts are strategically placed within injection-molded parts to provide additional functionality, strength, and versatility. In this article, we will explore the different types of injection molding inserts, delveRead more ⟶

Sand Casting Aluminum

Sand Casting Aluminum: A Comprehensive Guide to the Process and Applications Sand casting aluminum is a widely utilized manufacturing process that offers numerous advantages and finds applications across various industries. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricacies of sand casting aluminum, exploring its process, advancements, quality control, and applications. Whether you’re a novice orRead more ⟶

Ceramic Hair dryer

Ceramic Hair dryer have now become a fundamental part of our daily lives. To put it simply, hair dryers, conversely called blow dryers, are inseparable for individuals with busy schedule. Previous hair dryers were generally only made use of to blow dry your hair. But hairdryers currently available are innovative and are utilized for tryingRead more ⟶

Mini Ceramic Flat Iron hair straightener

Mini Ceramic Flat Iron The reason that this mini ceramic flat iron is incredibly popular among consumers, I think, is that it is smaller sized and sleeker enough to handle the flat iron while styling hair. This mini flat irons has all the benefits of our regular hair straighteners, like auto shut-off, same temperature degree,Read more ⟶

Olayer China Hair Straightener

Olayer hair straightener features Product summary Straighten or style in just 15 seconds with ultra fast heat up 1″ super shine titanium-ceramic plates for a smooth sleek finish Heats up to 230°C and has 3 heating settings- 180°C, 200°C and 230°C The latest titanium/ceramic plates and ionic technology for an ultra smooth finish Features a 3-metreRead more ⟶

plastic food storage containers

If you’re buying a massive plastic products ( for example plastic food storage containers) that is going to be used for the exact same item, label the box with a permanent marker. With such a wide variety of types, materials & sizes available you’ll have the ability to obtain what you require for your ownRead more ⟶

Hot Runner Systems in Injection Molding

The use of hot runner systems in the injection molding is rising due to the fact that they provide a more perfect technique of molding plastic parts. The cost saving can be substantial, and part standard is very often much excellent than cold runner. With the rising sophistication of today’s plastic injection molds, the useRead more ⟶

OEM Manufacturing solution

We help OEM Manufacturing solution to tough manufacturing problems. Andy tooling magazine publishes articles of interest to outsourcing decision-makers, who are the customers and potential customers of North American job shops. Readers of the publication include plastic molding manufacturing engineers, mold manufacturing managers, and purchasing managers employed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and makers ofRead more ⟶

Plastic Mold and Injection Molding Parts

HYX MOLD has a long history of service to the PLASTIC MOLD AND INJECTION MOLDING PARTS of experience.  Our materials scientists work closely with our customers to develop highly specialized materials unique to the field. HYX MOLD designs develops, manufactures and assembles implants and instruments for the cardiac rhythm management (CRM), interventional, radiology/cardiology, cardiac surgery andRead more ⟶

Injection molders

Lubricant Pellets Cut Scrap & Cycle Times     Internal lubricants for a variety of thermoplastics are newly available in a 100%-active pellet form from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Woodside, N.Y. MoldWiz pellets come in several resin-specific formulations that contain no binders or fillers. Use levels are as low as 0.25%.    Precision Plastic Injection molders canRead more ⟶

Two shot Injection Molding

New Name in Two-Component Presses    The first two-color injection molding machines from Toshiba Machine Co. America, Elk Grove Village, Ill., were introduced last month at the Western Plastics Exposition in Long Beach, Calif. The ISGN-2C machines range from 86 to 243 tons and support a variety of two-component processes. Currently, the machines are availableRead more ⟶

Plastics Technology

Structural Foam Goes All-Electric What may be the first all-electric structural- foam molding machine was recently built by Milacron’s Elektron Technologies unit in Batavia, Ohio, in cooperation with structural-foam specialist Uniloy Milacron in Manchester, Mich. This development occurred because a major foam molder wanted a large all-electric machine for the sake of energy savings, oil-freeRead more ⟶

Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting Our speciality is large aluminum die casting in 535.0 (Almag 35). This alloy requires no heat treating and has good tensile properties and high ductility, outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent dimensional stability. It machines much easier than the more common silicon-containing aluminium alloys, producing an excellent surface finish and requires no intermediateRead more ⟶

Custom Plastic Mold

Custom Plastic Mold If you want to get a good custom plastic mold, many inexperienced customers normally like to find some professional mould manufacturers. But even if you find a good mould maker, you can’t express your needs well or you can’t have a good communication with the company, that’s also can cause bad results.Read more ⟶