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brushless motor high speed hair dryer

Ever find yourself going to the store or online shop to select up the best hair dryer in your mind from hundreds of hair dryer products?

This is what happened to me this past weekend.  Aside from the fact that I went out just after one of the worst blizzards we’ve had in the past few years, I somehow managed to forget my old and trusty hair dryer once I made innovative ionic infrared high speed hair dryer, and I checked my hair and fund out what is reason  that my hair became frizzy and dull (when we check the young girls their hair was very smoothly and we were too). What is reason? Because the old traditional hair dryer dries that hair by very high temperature and damaged our hair cuticles, do you feel the air temperature became higher and higher during drying? Even sometime you feel scald your hair, we had all the same experience, but we do not know this and still keep doing this day to day, until our smooth hair became frizzy and dull.

Once I used this 100 million negative ions brushless motor high speed hair dryer I noticed this is really nice high speed hair dryer, powerful and fast drying, low temperature abut fast drying our hair 50% time less, 100 million negative ions to our hair will make our hair smoothly and shiny.

If you’ve ever been shopping for a brushless motor high speed hair dryer, you’ll know that it’s almost overwhelming with the vast selection available.  Almost every home has at least one hair dryer, but when the time comes to replace or upgrade your dryer, how do you know what will work best with your hair?  Do you judge the product by the brand name?  Perhaps by it’s looks?  How about based on it’s price?  There are a number of important factors to consider before buying the best hair dryer for your hair, but one important thing you may need to think about is the hair dryer will damage your hair? Since we never know this before and use the old hair dryer every day and damage our hair cuticles without noticed.

There are some basic types of hair dryer models on the market today; the traditional metal coil model, ionic, ceramic, tourmaline.  Some models combine two or more of these technologies together,  but there all have the same bugs,

Air temperature become higher and higher.
Very noise, specially drying your hair during your family enjoy the TV show or something
Very heavy, once you have long hair and need take around 20-30 min to drying your hair, your arm will become tired when very time drying your hair.
Big size, need more space to store, specially when you take with you during travel, that make hair dryer heavy as well,

There is innovative hair dryer which is made by brushless motor with 110,000 rpm, this is new model of high speed hair dryer was on the market for a few years by Dyson but unit price is over $500, frankly say that is not friendly price, in that case many hair dryer factory started to development this brushless motor high speed hair dryer, and we were too, today we have made one of the best brushless motor high speed hair dryer on the market with very good price, below we will summarize the advantages of this high speed hair dryer.

First let us take a look at each old hair dryer

Traditional Hair Dryers

The traditional hair dryer dates back to the early 1920′s and typically consist of a motor and a metal heating coil.  As the metal coils heat up, a motor blows intense hot air (positively charged ions) and dries your hair relatively quickly.  The problem with these dryers are that they use positively charged particles (positive ions) that open up the cuticles covering the shaft of your hair and essentially boil the water off.  The end result is typically dry, frizzy, unhealthy looking hair.  While these dryers are still on the market today, they are typically the cheaper, lower end models, we do not suggest use this hair dryer for your hair

Ionic Hair Dryers

Unlike metal coil dryers that use positively charged ions, ionic hair dryers use negatively charged particles.  What’s the difference?  Negatively charged ions break down water droplets into smaller, micro-droplets that are easily absorbed into the shaft of the hair, thus reducing the drying time as well as improving the health of your hair. Added some negative ion technology in the normal hair dryer.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic, once only used in flat irons, is now being used in hair dryers.  Traditional dryers use metal coils that heat up intensely but unfortunately created “cold spots” because the heat produced is not consistent.  Ceramic hair dryers create an even and consistent heat, and typically only come in a Low and High speed settings.  Ceramic also reduces bacteria formation, which means cleaner, healthier scalps and hair.  It’s common to find some of hair dryer models both ceramic and ionic, but still use the normal motor and high air temperature during hair drying.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that when heated emits a large amount of negative ions naturally.  In tourmaline hair dryers, the stone is crushed and infused onto ceramic heating elements, and is capable of producing up to 6 times more negatively charged ions than the regular ceramic elements, therefore reducing drying time drastically.  Most tourmaline hair dryers combine ionic, ceramic and tourmaline components. This hair dryer is pretty much the same to ceramic hair dryers.

Let us talk about the brushless motor high speed hair dryer

110,000 rpm brushless motor that will generator 21m/s wind speed and low noise ( only 85Db). This is not old hair dryer can do, with this fast wind speed you will drying your hair 40% less time

Ceramic plate that will generator far infrared light.

Custom hair dryer

With Rotated Magnetic concentrator and diffuser, adjust quickly and easily, suitable for any hair styling

NCT intelligent heat control, which means it measures the air temperature more than 60 times per second and control the air temperature automatically, no worry about this over heat to damage your hair.

100 million built-in negative ions will generator to your hair during hair drying, this hug negative ions is not every hair dryer has.

Lightweight and foldable small size, body weight is 350g, folding size is only 200*95*45mm, easy to pack during travel and salon.

More than 8 temperature models that could suitable for any of hair type.

Finally this hair dryer is more expensive, the price range from $199-$500, We can off you the better price because we make all of those brush less motor high speed hair dryer by our own company, welcome to check out our products model

Depending what your budget can afford, most hair professionals or hair salon use this brushless motor high speed hair dryer, If you can afford it, especially if you’re usually in a hurry after your shower, and want to have great hair styling and more smoothly and shiny, then we suggest you purchase a brushless motor high speed hair dryer, however if you want a cheaper hair dryer then the traditional hair dryer will work as well.

Finally when you plant to replace your hair dryer I suggest you ask yourself some question.

  1. What price arrange I can afford, this is No. one fact to make your purchase decision
  2. What is advantages and disadvantages between old hair dryer and this new lever of brushless motor high speed hair dryer?
  3. Should I test this brushless motor high speed hair dryer on the store before buy? This is very important to ask your mind if you like this high speed hair dryer or not?
  4. Will this high speed hair dryer will last long or any guarantee time?

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Hope this content could help you to understand more about old hair dryer and brushless motor hair dryers.

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