Custom Plastic Mold

Custom Plastic Mold

If you want to get a good custom plastic mold, many inexperienced customers normally like to find some professional mould manufacturers. But even if you find a good mould maker, you can’t express your needs well or you can’t have a good communication with the company, that’s also can cause bad results. So custom mould is also need some skills.

How to custom mold successfully? What’s problems will appear when custom mould? In custom mold process, which content must be discussed clearly?

We will offer you a chair mould case to explain how to custom a good chair molds successfully, and what’s problems we can avoid on custom mold project.


If you want to custom a good custom plastic mold, firstly, we need to know the product clearly. Such like whether the mould design is reasonable, whether the product on market can bring the profits, etc. How to save cost on the same product, for example, we can make the mould size smaller, use a smaller machine to manufacturing or the mould can use hot runner system to reduce the material cost and shorten the cycle time, etc. For plastic chair, the most important except the style, we also need to consider the chair strength, stacking condition, flash and the design is reasonable or not.


Mould design

Mold design rationality, will bring us great return benefit. Many times, we are wasting money on the mould because of the lack experience.


The below information is the key point that we need to treat very seriously:

plastic mold
plastic mold
  1. Mould structure the simple the better

Because, for the simple plastic mold, there will be less rub during the mould operation, then the mould life will be longer. When take chair mold as an example, some customers think the more interchangeable back inserts the better, and it will be excellent if all the chair back inserts and sit inserts can be interchangeable. However, that will make mould testing very complicated, and you will have a lot of trouble in your future mass production.


  1. High requirements for cooling system

High quality cooling system design can help you a lot on shorten the cycle time that obviously brings directly benefit and effective to the customer. Simpler and better than you hire a wise operating engineer.


  1. The injection gate chooses!

Sometimes it will cause many problems from ignoring the injection forming on design, it is not good if only considered about the surface while not the mould. As we know if the mould with hot runner system, it without the waste material and improve the injection cycle time, but in order to reduce the cost that we will use the recycle material, while it with much impurity is not good for the hot runner. For chair mould, if adopt the famous brand such as YUDO, it’s a waste of the cost. If adopt the common hot runner system, they may not solve the problem, so even if they used the filter, also can not ensure the quality is 100%. In this way, we can choose the cold runner system, if design well for the injection gate location, it is easy to break off the tail and not leave the marks.


Machine selection

To custom mold is not only related to plastic injection molds, actually injection molding machine selection is also a key point of a customized mould.

plastic injection molds
plastic iinjection molds

If you have enough budgets, please consider to choose a greater tonnage machine. A great tonnage machine will have stronger clamping force, it is very easy to solve the flash problem. If you are not able to choose a big machine, definitely you may face a lot of problem during long term manufacturing.

In order to avoid such problems happen, customer have to provide the mould making company detailed machine parameters.

This is our decades experience for clients’ customize mould, if you have more experience and better suggestion please contact us for exchange ideas and mutual-improvement. DONGGUAN SINCERE TECH Co., Ltd one of the molding company and a professional custom plastic mold company. contact us to get your custom plastic molds and plastic molding parts.