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We help OEM Manufacturing solution to tough manufacturing problems.

Andy tooling magazine publishes articles of interest to outsourcing decision-makers, who are the customers and potential customers of North American job shops. Readers of the publication include plastic molding manufacturing engineers, mold manufacturing managers, and purchasing managers employed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and makers of finished products. They are interested in finding job shops—or contract manufacturers—that can provide solutions to tough manufacturing problems.

By publicizing the accomplishments and manufacturing capabilities of North America’s finest job shops, Job Shop Technology makes it easy for OEMs and product manufacturers to find the sources they need to build higher-quality products. As the demand for outsourced manufacturing services has intensified, Job Shop Technology magazine and the annual Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide have become valuable resources for more than 100,000 readers per quarter.

A regional magazine, JST is circulated to one region per month and three regions—West, East, and Midwest—per quarter. Its circulation base was established primarily from the attendance of active outsourcers at the highly successful regional tradeshows operated by the magazine’s affiliate, Job Shop Shows.

Readers of Job Shop Technology are actively involved in procurement of virtually any part or service required to bring a product to market. They are particularly interested in finding companies that can provide a specialty or Plastic Molding Parts Manufacturing with respect to the forming, shaping, fabricating, or finishing of a manufactured part. These speciality parts, which are essential to the production of a finished product, consist of materials such as metals, plastics products, composites, and rubber molding parts

Job shops are also known as manufacturing service providers, contract manufacturers, outsource manufacturers, or manufacturers of specialty and custom parts, as opposed to finished products or equipment. Their services can help OEMs efficiently manufacture higher-quality products, often at less cost, and bring their products to market more quickly.

Common job shop operations include metal and Injection Molded Plastic Parts, extrusion, die casting, investment casting, forging, and stamping; the various machining methods, such as CNC, laser, and electrical discharge machining (EDM); and fabrication processes such as welding and fastening. They also include value-added finishing operations such as plating, coating, and anodizing.